Why We Bought Our Shiny New RED

Why We Bought Our Shiny New RED

There are so many incredible films and television programmes #ShotonRED like Greyhound, Mank, Ammonite, We Are The Champions and Birdbox. It’s a Netflix-approved camera and has in fact been used to create a huge amount of content for the online streaming service. Read on to find out more reasons why we splashed out on our new favourite camera.

Image Quality

One of the biggest factors for us when choosing the Komodo was the superior image quality available on RED compared to other cameras in that price range. It's REDRAW feature is the closest you can get to shooting on traditional negative film whilst still retaining the highest possible image quality. It's 6K resolution allows us to future-proof all of our content by giving us the best downsample options to achieve that crystal clear look at smaller resolution sizes. This translates well on to the small screen, as shooting in 6K allows us to create content with social crops in mind. 6K also means that we are capturing the highest level of detail possible.

Shooting in 6K means that we are always filming in the highest resolution available, so that all of our footage is always ready and waiting to be put on the big screen. Whether it's for TV or film, RED's high dynamic range means highlights and shadows are captured beautifully.

Suitable Clients for RED

A large bulk of our work is commercial and we always aim to offer our clients the best kit available for their budget. Getting to grips with RED's capabilities means that we can bring along the Komodo to our bigger budget projects and create beautiful, future-proof content.

Modularity This camera was designed when Netflix requested a high quality cinema camera that can fit into small places, i.e., rigged on car or rigged overhead. It can be stripped down into a small form factor, ideal for unique places where we would normally mount a GoPro, as it is super light and easy to move about with on set with its convenient compact design. With this in mind, it's an ideal A or B-cam to rig in a range of scenarios as it has such high image quality whilst being portable.

Cinematic Colour Range RED's colour profiles exceed all other cameras we have used, from Sony to Panasonic, it is incredibly accurate in terms of recreating exactly what your eyes see. It's effect on skin tones is as true to life as can be, and compared to other brands, which often require a lot of work in post for skin tones to appear natural, whereas RED captures this range effortlessly. It's post-production assets, such as REDCINE-X Pro, means that all camera settings can be adjusted manually in post, giving us full control over the final look. RED offers free colour profiles such as IPP2 combined with REC709 which achieve effortless true-to-life colours.

(image of RED Cine X software on an ungraded clip) Global Shutter

Before the guys at RED created the Komodo, it was almost impossible to find a cine camera with a global shutter that didn't affect dynamic range. The new technology that created RED's global shutter means that it does not compromise the dynamic range, which is retained at 16+ stops. This means that handheld shooting feels smooth and natural, and easily achieves that high-end, cinematic look.

Combining with Quick Content Cameras

This month we invested in a Sony FX 6 which we used as our primary B-Cam, due to its lightweight, compact features, which allow uncomplicated usability on set. We've found that the Sony matches the look of RED in post-production in terms of quality and colour profiles. The FX 6 is a great option for those smaller budget projects, but we see the RED as one step further in camera ability, when it's in the right hands! Like ours ;-)

We are still up and running for filming, so we’re keeping ourselves and our clients safe by filming in a socially distant, Covid-secure manner. To book us and our shiny new RED for your next film event, drop us a line. Check out our latest Instagram post to see what we are working on this week.